Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Round the shoulder configuration, go hands-free
Lead clipped round waist
Holding lead with two hands
Double clipped lead-rein style
Length of lead 8ft
Lead attached to dog collar
Lead clipped to belt
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black
Atlas Training Lead - Black

Atlas Training Lead - Black

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The perfect dog lead for training!

The Atlas Training Lead is our do-it-all signature lead, with 8ft of high strength multifunction options to suit a training session, a walk in the park, or a coffee at a local café. It is designed for all dog breeds, but is built specifically for giant and large dog breeds and the rigors of big dog life. 

High Strength & Reflective

Our leads are load tested to withstand even the heaviest pulls from the biggest and strongest of dogs. The lead itself is thicker and stronger than any dog leads you'll find elsewhere! The lead is reflective too, ideal for low light conditions in winter. Perfect for giant and large breed dogs with serious pulling power, this lead is great for obedience training and is a great dog lead to help stop pulling.


With multiple attachment points and carabiner clips at each end, the options are limitless with how you can use this lead. Use it as a long training line for when roaming in the park or clip it in short for use on the high street. Our carabiner clips can also be connected to attachment points.

Wear it over your shoulder, round your waist or to your belt using the attachment points.

There are just so many options! This is the best dog lead for training and for everyday life.

Multiple Colours

Available in 2 colours - Black or Teal!

A Lead for Life

Made with robust materials and a passion for design, we build our leads for life. If your lead breaks such as snapping or the carabiners fail, return it to us and we will replace it for you*. 

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is easy - For a quick wash, rinse your lead under the warm tap, squeeze out any excess moisture and leave to dry. For a deeper clean, soak your lead in warm water and washing powder (or your preferred cleaning agent - some use apple cider vinegar). Agitate the lead and then rinse and leave to dry. 



  • 8 Foot
  • 2 x carabiner clips with spin lock
  • 4 attachment points


*We won't replace a lead if it has been chewed, cut or damaged in any way or damaged through non-intended uses such as towing.

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